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The John Brookes Lifetime Achievement Award 2013


This Award is named after one of the Society’s Life Members and granted to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the landscape and garden design profession. The Award is gifted by the Society of Garden Designers Council members.  This year the award was given to the leading garden and landscape photographer, Andrew Lawson.


Juliet Sargeant MSGD, Chair of the SGD said:


“The Council of the Society of Garden Designers was unanimous in its eagerness to Award the John Brookes Lifetime Achievement Award to Andrew Lawson this year. Through his beautiful work, Andrew has not only highlighted the achievements of many garden designers over the years, but he has also inspired a generation to greatness in their designs. When I see one of Andrew’s photographs, I take a deep breath, and allow my eyes to feast on the colours, light and forms; stresses drain away and I am grateful to be working with landscape and plants.  We all felt he was a very worthy recipient of the Award.”

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The Headline & Grand Award Sponsor 2013

Barcham Trees

The John Brookes Lifetime Achievement Award 2012

The John Brookes Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession, and is gifted by the SGD Council


Juliet Sargeant MSGD, SGD Chair, says:

“The mission of the society of garden designers is to support designers in their pursuit of excellence and so it is very apt that in our first sgd Awards we should have a special John Brookes Award.


“John continues to be an inspiration to generations of garden designers and garden owners. His passion for improving garden design is demonstrated by his generosity in sharing his knowledge and wealth of experience with students and designers who are keen to hone their skills.


John has helped us to recognise the place of gardens as an integral part of modern living and he has been instrumental in making good design accessible to every garden owner.


“Charles Jencks is the first recipient of the John Brookes Award. His work stretches designers to think deeply about their art; what it means; what it can achieve and what it can mean to the people who experience it. Charles’ writing and work emphasises the importance of gardens and landscape to all our lives. Increasingly, research is confirming that access to landscape and good design not only has measurable positive effects on our physical, mental and social well-being, but it also improves physical and

psychological healing. His work in combining the skills of health professionals, architects, artists and garden designers to create the Maggie Centres is a lesson to us all in what

can be achieved through creative collaboration.”

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