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Question:        What qualifies as a Community Garden?


Answer:          The garden needs to either be funded by a charity or run as a not-for-profit or voluntary

                     organisation to qualify as a community  


Question:        Do photos included for categories 8 to 11 have to be within the maximum 15 after photos

                    included in the category 1 to 6 entry?  eg for the hardscape where I have to include close

                    up of the details, or are these in addition to the 15?


Answer:         There is still a 15 maximum photos allowed – you must ensure there are close up  

                    photographs of details among the 15 judging “after” photos


Question:        Do I enter a care Home, Hospice or School outdoor space into the “Public or Commercial

                    Outdoor Space Award” or “Designing for Community Spaces Award”


Answer:          It depends on how it is funded, if it is funded by charity then it is a community space,

                    otherwise it is commercial.


Question:       I only have photographs of my work taken by professional photographers, all of which are

                   covered by copyright.  Can I enter these gardens into the awards?


Answer:         We appreciate that many designers have photos taken by professional photographers and

                   are keen to encourage designers to do so to enable them to showcase their work to the

                   best effect.  We welcome entries from members with images that are subject to copyright.  

                   These images will be used for the purposes of judging, subject to the terms of the

                   copyright agreement.  The designer must check that they are not contravening any

                   copyright by doing so.   If the scheme is shortlisted images of the entry will be posted to

                   the SGD website.  For certain Awards the images may also be posted to the Homes &

                   Gardens website for public vote for the People’s Choice Award. The SGD & Homes and

                   Gardens may not be in a position to pay copyright fees for these images and may ask for

                   further images to be supplied by the designer that are copyright free.  The SGD

                   encourages the designer to discuss terms for use of the images with the copyright owner.


Question:       Are projects from the last year only allowed?


Answer:         Projects with a practical completion date between 1 January 2008 and the deadline can

                   be entered.


Question:       When do the gardens have to have been built?


Answer:         Projects with a practical completion date of between January 1st 2008 and April 12th 2013

                   are eligible for entry. (12th August 2013 for Designing for Community Space)


Question:       Are show gardens or parts/aspects of eligible for entry?


Answer:         Show gardens are not eligible as the main categories are for residential, commercial or

                   public spaces. However Paper Landscapes Awards is open to ideas for a show garden.


Question:      Can I Submit multiple entries?


Answer:         Yes, as long as you pay for each entry 


Question:       Is it permissible to enter a garden, or part of a garden for more than one award?


Answer:         MSGD/FSGD - Schemes entered in the main landscape and garden award categories

                   (Awards categories 1-6 inclusive) are automatically entered in to Award categories

                   8 through to 11 inclusive where appropriate and no further entry fee or duplication of

                   application is required. Pre-registered Members - Schemes entered in the Future Designer

                   Award are automatically entered into Award categories 8 and 9 where appropriate and no

                   further entry fee or duplication of application is required.


Question:       Does it matter that an entry may have been submitted to another professional body for an

                   award i.e. if a garden has won a BALI award can this garden be entered for an SGD award?


Answer:         No, that would be fine


Question:       At what size do the photos need to be when they are 300dpi, ie 6x4? or how many pixels

                   should they be?


Answer:         Each photograph can be any size, please note the will be viewed using a projector.


Question:       I am considering entering a project which already has been given recognition from the SGD

                   in the Design review of the Year 2010. My question, is, would it be worth my while

                   entering this project, and will similar projects be considered?


Answer:         We will not accept schemes that have been selected as a finalist or winner in the

                   SGD Awards 2012.  However otherwise we are very happy for projects to be entered that

                   have been recognised by the SGD Review of the Year. The projects can be selected with a

                   practical completion date from 1 Jan 2008 to 12th April 2013 ( 13th August for The

                   Designing for Community Space Award) and that is in recognition of gardens and landscapes

                   maturing and changing over time – The review of the year only included projects finished

                   that year – so to see those projects as they mature would be most welcome. In addition

                   the judging panel is very different.  The judging panel is now made up of experts who are

                   wholly separate from the SGD and the GDJ who will not have seen the garden before

                   within the context of the GDJ Review unless as a reader.


Question:       1. Site analysis – In what form is this required?  I am given to understand that some do a

                       full report with photos, marked up plans, etc.  

                   2. Materials on the CD – somebody asked if they should be in any particular order on

                       the CD.


Answer:         1. The overriding consideration when submitting information is to ensure that everything

                   submitted is clear and concise.  Please remember this will be viewed on a projected screen.      


                   2. On the CD the documents must be in the order given.


Question:       I would like to enter the Planting Design award but wanted to know whether I need to

                   have additional drawings (perspective, isometric etc.) as the photos will show this.


Answer:         For the planting design perspectives etc would not be needed although if these had been

                   produced for a client to sell the idea to them they would be good supporting

                   documentation.  The important thing is to ensure that the judges have clear and concise

                   documentation showing what is being presented.  


Question:       The entry form asks for information on the final cost for construction and we have found in

                   the past that clients are reluctant to have this information publicly disclosed.  Can we assure

                   them that this information will not be published if they so choose?

                   Also we assume that international gardens shortlisted will not actually be visited by the

                    judges?  Can you confirm please?


Answer:         The budget is strictly for the judges only.  It will not be used for publicity in any way nor

                   will it be available other than to the judging panel.  We appreciate that the majority of

                   clients to not wish to disclose budgets and client and designer confidentiality will be

                   maintained at all times.  The information is used as a guide to the judges only and a range

                   can be given.

                   The international Award will not be visited.


Question:       Owning to the private nature of our client, do we need to mention the name of the

                   property, the name of the owners and the exact address of the property we wish to put

                   forward for the awards? We understand the need for a site visit for the judges if the

                   property is selected


Answer:         Yes all of that information requested must be provided.  We would also need to ensure

                   that the client would be willing to have images of the schemes published. However please

                   also note that the SGD do understand and appreciate that client/designer confidentiality is

                   of the utmost importance and must be respected at all times.  We are aware that a great

                   many clients do not want attention to be drawn to their landscape or garden and would

                   not be willing for their names and addresses to be published.  The same is also true for the

                   budget. Therefore although all of the information requested must be supplied for the

                   purposes of the  judging process please be assured that the client names and addresses will

                   not be published and budgets will not be disclosed outside of the judging process unless

                   and until agreement is given by the designer.  For example a scheme may simply be

                   described thus: Designer Name MSGD, location South Coast of England.

                   If the scheme is of a particularly sensitive nature please highlight any special requests on the

                   application form.


Question:       We have all the required elements for the awards criteria except for a formal site analysis as

                   we do this internally.  Is it a formal requirement that one is provided for the award


Answer:         The purpose of the site analysis is to allow the judges to assess the scheme fully.    

                   Knowledge of  the site - its limitations, opportunities etc is part of this process.  A full site

                   analysis as may be conducted for internal use or presentation to a client is not necessarily

                   needed.  But providing information in a concise way is useful and necessary.  We are not

                   prescriptive as to what form this will take and this information is strictly for the purposes of

                    judging and will not be published nor passed to third parties under any circumstances.  


Question:       Should the client details and address details be left on the drawings?


Answer:         No, please remove the client details.


Question:       I am the Chair of a local community garden and we are thinking of entering the 'Designing

                   for Community Space Award'.  Could you please tell me who should submit the entry and

                   what information is required to enter?


Answer:        This is a design award, so ideally the designer of the garden should enter.  If  there was no

                  designer involved then the garden curator, the chair of the garden committee, a friends

                  group leader, or anyone else representing the garden can enter, but the materials

                  submitted should comply with that of a design Award, i.e. you need to submit a 2D plan of

                  the garden, drawn to scale as well as any other supporting material that expresses the

                  design concept of the space.  Plans can be hand-drawn, but they must be to scale to

                  accurately represent the space.  Additional material such as before and after photographs

                  should also be submitted.  Please note only one entry per garden can be submitted.

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